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Brief history of the telephone

Learn about telephonesSince the dawn of time, man has communicated with one another via many systems. Distance, terrain and the environment have always been obstacles until the modern day. The advent of copper cable systems followed by submarine cables , fibre optic cables and the satellite has put paid to all that. The world is now an incredibly small place and the telephony system continues to become more intelligent and powerful and brings an incredible knowledge base and communicability into today's homes. Phones become cheaper, faster and smaller on a daily basis. People have several phones and numerous phone numbers. Operators continually vie to reduce the cost of long distance calls and provide new services to stay competitive. How did this all happen?

Primitive communication systems - precursors of the telephone

All of these methods were relatively cheap. They were not efficient or cost effective except over very short distances. Something was desperately needed to increase long distance communication rates and speed the process up. In true form along came....
The Electric Telegraph and the Telephone.

The History:-
animated telephone graphic 1791 Claude Chappe invents the optical telegraph.
1837 Electromagnet and Morse Code developed by Samuel Morse.
1843 Telegraph established from Washington to Baltimore.
1856 Western Union is formed.
1866 Europe linked to America telegraphically.
1876 Bell invents and patents the telephone.
1915 First voice transmission across the Atlantic.
1924 The first Fax.
1927 Transatlantic Phones become commercial.
1956 Submarine Telephone Cables.
1960 The first satellites for communications.
1964 Touch Tone Telephony.
1969 Birth of the internet.
1976 The first prepaid phone cards were produced and put on the market in Italy.
1977 Fibre Optics become viable.
1983 Mobile/Cellular Phone Technology.
1987 World Telecom Group is the first company to launch a significant phone-card product in the United States..
1990 NYNEX offers the first non magnetic based calling card in the U.S.
2000 Phonecard Sales exceed $3 Billion.
2001 The first disposable combination cellphone/calling cards make their appearance.

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