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Tips to reduce your long distance call cost!

international phone callWe at Attitude Long Distance are dedicated to bringing you efficient and fast call service. We call it attitude because with just a little effort, and our help, you can reduce your call costs and save on your budgets.
Please note these are INTERNATIONAL tips and may not apply to calls in the US.

Here are our tips:-
Red phone Use the phone during off peak hours. Off peak varies from provider to provider so check and save.
Red phone Choose a carrier with a short billing increment. A 6 second billing increment is on average 15% cheaper than a long distance carrier with a 60 second billing period.
Red phone Check if each call has a surcharge and if the surcharge is applicable at all hours.
Red phone Get phone cards from a third party service provider they are often cheaper than your local phone company.
Red phone Some services reduce the cost of calls after a fixed amount of time like 10 minutes. If you are going to be making loooooong calls this may be an option.
Red phone Rates within an individual country and particularly within states in the USA are often more expensive than state to state or country to country. This is done to subsidize the long distance rates as far more "local" calls are made.
Red phone Use our search engine to see if there is a cheaper way to make your calls.
Red phone Operators advertise discounts which look really impressive. Be careful what rate they are discounting. For example 20% off a peak rate is a lot of money while 20% off the lowest weekend rate is not nearly as significant. Do offered discounts apply to all rates at all hours??
Red phone Check if there are minimum time charges. You need to know if you are being charged by the second or the minute. Minute charges are calculated to the end of the minute you were in when the call stopped - even if you are five seconds into the new minute. Some providers have a 3 minute minimum.
Red phone Similarly check if there is a minimum call charge irrespective of the duration of the call. This is particularly applicable to local calls which are often of a very short duration.
Red phone Is there a minimum monthly charge? You are going to have to pay this whether you use the time or not?
Red phone Can you leave your telecommunications provider without a problem or are you locked in for a cash or time limit?
Red phone Beware of incentive cheque providers. They can have very expensive long distance rates to subsidize the cheque which looks so attractive.
Red phone Do you get free directory listings?
Red phone Statistics show that not having a chair next to your phone reduces the cost of calls!!
Red phone Calling mobiles or cellular phones is very expensive in some countries and even more expensive if you are calling internationally mobile to mobile.
Red phone Hotels and inns often inflate phone rates massively. If you have to phone home your mobile may be cheaper!
Red phone And the last one keep a pen not a pencil next to the phone and tie it onto the phone with a piece of string. Keep a pad next to the phone.

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