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Long Distance Call and International Phone companies and carriers.

International call a long distance serviceWe know that long distance call companies come and go. This page attempts to list the links that are important. We are dedicated to the pursuit of quality information on the subject of telecommunications and everything related to Internet connections and cellphones. If you think your company should be represented in our list, please e-mail supportdesk@attitude-long-distance, or fill in the form below. Please note that we visit all sites submitted and we reserve judgement and all rights as to which long distance/international service providers are listed. We list below the links that we believe are worth a visit:-
red phone 1-Plus Long Distance Calls International and interstate long distance calls at highly competitive rates.
red phone Active phone calling cards Comprehensive guide to the phone card industry including rate search engines and consumer advice.
red phone 1+ Long Distance Directory Portal site with everything you ever need to know about long distance calls and services.
red phone Pc to internet phone - free voip - long-distance calls. PC to internet phone calls and free voip technology slashes long distance rates.
red phone Allcog cheap computer online discount store Discount computer warehouse and parts store online at super cheap prices.
red phone 10 10 Dial Around and Call back Services Consumer advice on 1010 dialarounds and international call back sytems. Includes scams, US phone companies, and a discussion forum.
red phone 1 Plus Long Distance Carriers Cost conscious long distance callers should visit this site and use their best long distance carriers rate search engines to find the most suitable telephone service. Full US Domestic, Commercial, US Interstate and comprehensive International services offered
red phone Discount Long Distance Rates Offers the best rates for long distance, toll free services, Internet access, calling cards and cellular services. Visit our site to day to start saving!
red phone Cheap Long Distance Carriers Featureing high quality long distance carriers with great rates. Get cheap rates on toll free services, calling cards, cellular and more.
red phone Active Phone Calling Cards Phone card and calling card discounters. International phone card and calling card resource, offering information on prepaid, monthly billed, and wholesale cards.
red phone Internet Phone and PC to Phone Systems Describes Voice over IP (VOIP) services that make free long distance internet phone calls possible using your PC or standalone appliances.
red phone Active Cellular Phones Free cellular phones supported by cheap rates from AT&T and Sprint. Cellphone deal comparison. PCS technology using dual mode phones brings mobile communications to your door.

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