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International phone companies and long distance carriers

International telephone firmsTelecommunications companies are the heart of information transfer in the world as we know it. Somehow a carrier in the United States must communicate with a Japanese or Chinese service provider. They in turn, must converse with for example a Russian or Central African company. This provider is talking to Brazil or South Africa or Spain. Consider two the multitude of languages in the world. Each long distance carrier must somehow interface with each other on a technical level too!

For the sake of completeness, we have listed links to the major telecommunication backbones in the world. We would like to know about your country. Please e-mail supportdesk@attitude-long-distance.com and tell us about the service provider who provides your international communication miracle.

Please note that the links below do not imply endorsement either way by any of the parties and are provided as a service to our international call clients.

WorldCom http://www.wcom.com/home.shtml
AT&T http://www.att.com/
MCI Telecommunications Corp. http://www.wcom.com/home.shtml
Sprint http://www.sprint.com/
Bell Atlantic http://www.bell-atl.com/
Global Crossing http://www.globalcrossing.com/
GTE North http://www.gte.com/
Capsule Communications http://www.capsulecom.com/
BCE http://www.bce.ca/
Deutsche Telekom http://www.dtag.de/english/regions/europe/index.htm
Telecom Italia http://www.telecomitalia.it/index@txt.uk.html
France Telecom http://www.francetelecom.com/vanglais/home/homev4.html
OTE Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA Greece. http://www.ote.gr/e-index.htm
United Kingdom
Alpha Telecom http://www.alphatelecom.com/
Atlantic Telecom/Ringit http://www.ringitonline.com/
AXS Telecom (LibertySurf UK) http://www.libertysurf.co.uk/sections/smarttalk/entre.html
BT http://www.bt.co.uk/
Communications 2000 http://www.c2000ltd.com/homepage.asp
Interoute http://www.interoute.co.uk/
NTL http://www.askntl.com/
One.Tel http://www.onetel.co.uk/
Planet Talk http://www.planet-talk.co.uk/
VarTec Telecom Europe Ltd http://www.vartec.co.uk/
Telkom http://www.telkom.co.za/
Telstra http://www.telstra.com.au/
Asia and Japan
Deutsche Telekom Asia http://www.dtag.de/english/regions/asia/index.htm
South America
Telecom Argentina STET http://www.telecom.com.ar/
Telecomunicações Brasileiras S. A. - TELEBRAS http://www.telebras.com.br/

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