Agents Wanted - Great Opportunity:-

Long Distance Agents Required:- Earn extra money either full time or part time selling telephone, internet and satellite based services. This opportunity has been running since 1995 without skipping a beat. You get a percentage of your customer's phone bill every single month the customer uses the phone service signed up through you! Yes, every single time your customer picks up the phone its money in your pocket. Can you think of anyone who doesn't use a phone or a cellphone? Yes, this is a residual income plan better than any retirement plan! What's more because we have over 50 service providers our comparative shopping engines allow you to save your customers money so this is an easy sell. The result is a win win situation - you save your customer money by reducing their monthly bills AND you put money in your pocket every time they pick up the phone or use the internet! This is one awesome opportunity!

Powerful selling tools including fully customizable real time rate search engines provide a price comparison base for comparing rates for precise locations in the USA as well as hundreds of locations around the world. The best rate engines are customizable by product as well so you can sell calling cards only if you so wish. Products available include long distance, local service, bundled services, broadband phones, broadband internet, dial up ISPs, dialarounds, VOIP products, toll free services, conference calls, computer products, satellite systems, home alarms, pagers and cellphones.

Agents can make use of an extremely well developed support system with comprehensive online support and training facilities. Stats and reports are extensive and are real time. Payment is always on time. Wide variety of services available including long distance, local phone service, cellphones, internet, broadband, high speed internet, international phone services, calling cards, satellite systems, alarms and T1 data services. Top agents are earning over $30000.00 per month. This is one of the internet's great business opportunities. It has a cast iron proven track record and has provided income for many people around the world. Sales are predominantly internet based with comprehensive online tracking of your progress available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Agents can make use of off-line sales if they wish using a comprehensive range of personalized flyers and stationary. Each agent receives three full personalized websites to assist in sales, marketing, reporting, training and recruitment. Results are effort based and you can work as hard as you like. Some of our signups work 2 hours a week and some do it full time.
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No signup costs - its free - just sign up here.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to own a small business. The major advantages are:-
  • No signup costs - Its Free!.
  • Work from home.
  • Residual income provided customer stays.
  • Superb on-line statistics.
  • No stock to purchase.
  • Additional or 2nd income source.
  • If your customer picks up the phone its money in your pocket.
  • No inventory to keep track of.
  • No stock loss or pilferage.
  • Websites don't get sick or go on leave!
  • Free agent training on the training website.
  • Free online search engine.
  • Other opportunities available.
  • Totally transportable business.
  • Services are available worldwide.
  • Enormous customer base.
  • No employees.
  • Free website.
  • Off-line sales.(If you don't want to be web based.)
  • Easy way to pay off debt or pay for kids education
  • Great for work at home moms and dads
  • Quickly earn extra cash for holiday, cars, boats or bikes
The internet has totally revolutionized the telephone industry. Telephone, internet and satellite services are becoming more and more competitive. Consumers are increasingly cost conscious. The internet is providing consumers with unbelievable buying power through the new rate comparison search engines.

Consider the customer base. How many people do you know with a telephone? Now think; how many people own telephones in the United States? Now expand that to the world. Remember that once your customer has made a call they have spent the money so there is no way to run out of inventory. Your customer will use the phone again and again and again and each time its money in your account!

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