Welcome to the ATTITUDE telecommunications search engines! Our objective is to indicate which phone services are the most cost effective for your particular requirements. We now have four seperate best rate facilities:-

Please click the link of your choice and we will show you the power of comparative shopping on the internet and save you some money at the same time!

Competitive rates from a wide selection of service providers are included in the search facility so that an impartial choice can be made. Long distance telephone companies offer different facilities. We have deliberately selected a wide band of services.The intention is to provide a powerful tool so that each customer's individual telecommunication needs are catered for.

By way of explanation, we have a comprehensive list of rates for each of our carriers. When you click the "Find the best service for my personal needs" button on one of our search engines, it sends your request to our servers in Seattle. You will get back a customized list of carriers for your personal request ranked from cheapest to most expensive. Please click on the individual carrier or the carrier's logo in this list to visit that carrier's website for more details or to order service.

Cogni State Online Value

Cogni World Long Distance

From 3.45c/minute - Low Instate Rates.

No per call or hidden surcharges..

3.45c/minute in California

Superb International and Long Distance Rates

Extreme Value.

Commercial and Domestic.



Opex Extreme Value Long Distance

Zero Cents Fixed Cost Service

From 3.9c/minute - Low Instate Rates.

$29.99 per month!

6 seconds /18sec. minimum

Fix your Monthly Bill.

Commercial and Residential.
8% Prepay Saving.

Residential Service only.
Best Buy!

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newNot in our Search Engine
Simplicity-3.5.gif - 16324 Bytes
"Simplicty 4.5c flat rate 24/7! No extra charge for toll free!"
No monthly fee - No monthly minimums!
6 sec billing increments!
5 STAR value!

newOn Promotion
opex long distance
OPEX Long Distance Offers unprecedented value to US based customers!!
No Per Call Surcharges. Ideal for commercial and residential use.
6 second billing means you pay for what you use!
US Only Service.

Long Distance Winner

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