Bundled local and long distance service.

We now have two carriers who are able to offer a combined local and long distance service in the USA. This means you get only one bill per month for all you service combined in one convenient bill.

telephone bills
  • Our new integrated communications providers are marketing a bundle of local and long distance services to residential and small business customers utilizing proprietary "real-time" online billing and customer service platforms. We currently have two such providers on our books offering either local service only or local and long distance bundled options. The carriers do not provide services in all states. They provide a complete communications package that combines basic local and long distance calling with popular and unique features. The services are based on the efficiencies available from low-cost, nationwide networks and the effectiveness of electronioc system interfaces local operating companies.

    The services also include a fixed flat rate plan which means you can peg your monthly phone bill no matter where you phone at one fixed price. We are pleased to bring you:-

Talk America

Zero Cents Fixed Cost Service

Perfect for Residential and Small Business!

$29.99 per month!

Local and long distance service combined!

Fix your Monthly Bill.

One monthly bill!.
"Real-time" online billing.

Residential Service only.
Best Buy!



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