Welcome to the ATTITUDE telecommunications Cellular Phone search engine! Our objective is to indicate which cellular phone services are the most cost effective for your particular requirements. We currently have excellent deals from AT&T and Sprint. Competitive rates from both service providers are included in the search facility so that an impartial choice can be made. They both offer different packages with additional add on facilities. Free Long distance is on offer in certain instances. Please examine the options carefully and choose the option that best suits our mobile needs. The intention is to provide a powerful tool so that each customer's individual telecommunication needs are catered for.

There is a comprehensive set of instructions on the cellular phone site. We suggest you start there, print the page out and then use the best mobile deal calculator.

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Can My Cellphone use these Services??

Your cell phone number is assigned an ANI (Automatic Number Identification), just like any other phone.

ANI is used to refer to any phone number. The number associated with the telephone station(s) from which switched calls are originated (or terminated).

If your cell phone service provider allows you to select your own long distance service it can be provisioned just like any other phone.

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