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Help me please!We represent 42 different carriers and each of them has a selection of services. We do this to offer the cost conscious consumer a selection of highly competitive rates. We are also not bound to any organization. This enables us to tell it like it is.

The number of carriers we represent makes it almost impossible for one person to answer queries. In some cases we have to research the individual carrier as they are constantly changing rates and offering special discounts. The carriers also may not offer service in your area. In most cases the answers are on the individual carrier websites. We also have a live bulletin board where you can post queries in real time. You can visit the bulletin board by clicking here

Please visit out FAQ page which is here. Our Long Distance Carrier FAQs lists of our most frequently asked questions.

We are proud of our customer response record and in the tradition of good internet businesses, we respond to queries. Please bear with us if there is a delay - sometimes we are delayed by responses from the individual carriers themselves.

If you are an existing customer, the first and fastest way to get an answer is to call the customer service number of the individual carrier you are signed up with. This number is normally on your order acceptance form.

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